Parker EPS Division

  The Engineered Polymer Systems (EPS) Division designs and manufactures engineered elastomeric, polymeric and plastic seals and sealing systems for dynamic applications in a wide rage of markets including Semiconductor, Medical & Life Sciences, and Chemical Processing.
Fluid Power Seals
  PolyPak® Rod and Piston Seals
  WearGard™, MolyGard™, and PTFE Wear Rings and Bearings
  Wipers and Scrapers
  Urethane O-rings
  Integrated Pistons
Rotary Seals
  Clipper® Oil Seals
  Parker Oil Seals
  Parker V-Seals
  Shaft Repair Sleeves
PTFE Seals
  FlexiCase™ Rotary Seals
  FlexiLip™ Rotary Seals
  FlexiSeal® Face Seals
  FlexiSeal® rod and Pistons
  FlexiSeal® Rotary Seals
  Capabilities and Technologies
  The EPS division is capable of plastics injection molding, urethane reactive extrusion, plastics compounding; rubber compression, transfer and injection-compression molding; in-house elastomeric mixing, rubber to metal bonding; and PTFE mixing, molding and sintering.